Horse With No Name

Fair Trade

Written by the hand of Seldon the Druid on the day of his brother’s death

Today is the worst day of my life.

I’m riding through the desert of my soul upon a horse with no name. My brother is dead. My twin is dead. We have been through so much together. Our childhood…. our service to our country… We have fought in countless battles, side by side.

Cypress calls it balance. A fair trade. An old soldier dies, a small child lives.

Nonsense. First of all, my brother Daeron was far from the end of his life. He was destined to acheive much, in this new, wild land we find ourselves in. He had great plans for this place…

Those foul beasts that took the child are an abomination. I don’t care that they are fey- they all deserve to be hunted down and destroyed. When that strange monster-beast eviscerated Daeron’s horse, and then moments later shredded my brother’s armor in order to disembowel him, I blacked out.

I don’t remember what happened in the next moments. All I know is that when I regained my senses, my quiver was empty and there was an unnecessary number of missles protruding from the killer’s form.

Fair trade? Bullshit. My brother will have vengeance. More so than what has already transpired.



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