Somber Victory

After a stealthy entry into Fort Drelev, the party escapes with Andrej Klaus and the Captain of Fort Drelev, Terrion Numesti and his daughter. This is, of course, after the fiasco at Tatzylford where Baron Drelev’s and the men and giants associated with the barbarians marched on the walls of Tatzylford.

Andrej Klaus conveyed the story of the creation of Golarian, and how the Gith were returning to take back what was once their’s—the material plane. Klaus also shared with the party the lore that an artifact was to be found that could close off trans-planar travel for an indefinite amount of time, but hopefully long enough to bolster the armies of Tuskwater and to gain allies throughout Golarian.

Before this could be procured, there was a barbarian threat that had to be stopped…Armag, the barbarian king. Armag was known as the twice born king—named for Armag the First. Armag the second went into the tomb of Armag the First to claim his sword in the name of Gorum.

It was here, that Seldon fell.

The ride through Tatzylford and then on to Tuskwater was somber, but there was bit of hope in the wind. Marcus would raise Seldon just before they arrived. And while they saw those gaunt creatures that reminded them of Tavik. These creatures fell, but in all, they were mighty, and it only proved that the fight ahead with these Gith would prove difficult.

Now, with Seldon back and a new animal companion in tow, the party had to decide, would they bolster the defenses and allies of Tuskwater, would they go and retrieve Tavik from the ether, or would Andrej Klaus have a new lead for them to follow?



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