Tevaga's Note.

The ride back was solemn. The air itself seeemd to hang low and heavy. The clowds themselves seemed to weep as a light misty rain joined us upon the journey back to Oleg’s. Dareron lay dead, his body held together by bandage and cloth, least his remains themselves be taken by the ground. Tevaga, the more stoic and, some what, less emotional of them all, felt the loss as much as any of her comrades. Yet her traning kept her from mourning openly.

Back at the outpost, the child was reunited with its parents. Sadly, Some acid etched words accompined them as Seldon let it be known the price paid for the childs life. Hearing the deed, they could do nothing less then name thier son after the fallen rider. In the days that pass, the mood of the outpost seemed lessened. Everyone wasn’t themselves, no matter how much Svetlana tried to bring joy to everyone.

One night, Tevaga couldn’t help but write back to the Sword Lords who sent them and ask a request.

“Dear Lords

We’ve been dealt a sad blow. One of our comrades has fallen. Proud Daeron fell to the hands of choas defending the life of a small child. Sadly, even though he died defending what be believed, his death has been heavy on our minds, and that, dear Lords, is why I’ve taken this time to write.

I believe we’ll need the aid of a strong character to join us on our expedition, for it has been indead tough. We’ve explored much of the area surrounding the outpost, and have come across many creatures and beings. Some, as the damned spriggs, and other more, honourable creatures as well.

I do bequeth thee dear Lords, to send us someone, if any are willing, to come and join us here in the wilds, and to aid us in exploring and when the time comes, possible bringing some Order to these lands.


Inquisitor Tevaga Redmane "

After sending the letter did Tevaga finaly allow some emotion to surface. Taking time away from the others, she disappeared into the woods surrounding the outpost. After a few hours, she returned, the staunch, slightly feral gleam in her eyes returned. Unbenowsnt to the others, she retunred with a new tattoo, as tribute to the Fallen Rider.



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