The Journey so far...

flashback episode

The journey up to this point has been a long one for our heroes. Ever since defeating the bandits in the woods and receiving the charter to start a new Kingdom, the road has been rife with peril. From defeating Dire Bears at fallen temples to being introduced to pseudo dragons regard themselves as Paladins of Erastil. Do you hear the music in the forest? Those are just crickets on the ground, right? Damn faries!

Comrades have been lost along the way—with Daeron falling in the Spriggan Lair, and Zarzuket not returning—feeling himself an utter failure at one point. New allies have been gained in our new Leader and our friend-Cleric.

Along the way, Staglords were defeated, the Rabble was Roused, the Ladies have Danced, Troll Kings were Killed, Owlbears were destroyed, we’ve seen Brass Cities, brought peace and rest to a ghost, defeated Mind Flayers in our water supply, brought back the citizens of Varnhold and an ally from the brink of destroying the party—it has been a long journey!

And now with Varnhold swearing fealty to Tuskwater, the KING sits on his throne! You return to Tuskwater with a new holdfast in the East, but the hope in your heart is not going to be longstanding. There is talk of some invading force. Who knows what to expect next?


Beren paces back and forth on watch as the party travels back to Varnhold. But how to tell them his thinks. Faced with an impossible situation, a low level black market merchant give “freer” reins in tuskwater has now become a significant thorn in Berens side. Hes no longer completely confident of his control of the situation and annoucing that to the rest of the group will be demasculating to say the least. Sheldon has been thankfully quiet on the matter as we had much more pressing business with Varnhold. But now that Tuskwater appears over the horizon the time to step into the light is now….. better than being thrust into he supposes.

Beren walks back to the fire and begins to stoke it back up and wakes the party.
“Morning all, dawn is breaking and breakfast will be soon. We have something to discuss over food”

The Journey so far...

Once the party is awake and fed Beren wipes the sweat from his bow and begins.
“Friends I have some unfortunate information to share, long have I kept my eye on the darker elements of our city. No city if vacant of these elements and I decided it was better to watch and be involved rather than try and squeeze them out and have them slip through my finger to where I can’t see. One element however has grown to the point of needing Kingdom attention. Sheldon and I met with her before I left and I think he would agree this needs to be dealt with. Her actions have surpassed black market trading and entered the realm of treason. This is past the pay grade of Phil and the other and as soon as we have the chance I would like to arrange a raid.”

The Journey so far...

Having risen a little earlier then the rest, Tevaga had slipped off to bath in the river and to do her morning work out. Nothing but the sounds of the woods comes to her ears, as well as her own thoughts. After what seemd like unknown time, the sound of the crackling fire and Barens words come to her. Lightly towling herself off, she places her shirt back on, and forgoing the leggings for the moment, wraps the belt around her waist and tightes it. The long shirt, now a dress, does what is needed for now, seeing as the armour shes become so used to wearing will be doned in a little while. Making her way back to the others, she rounds a tree just catching the last it of Barens sentence.

“What is this about a raid? And if its someone we dont want in our lands, why not just have them ‘cease to exist’?” Her eyes seem to glow slightly as the last part of her sentence rolls off her tongue. The rising sun seems to shile around her. Her red and gold hair, one of her few telling atributes, aslo seemd to glow, and gave off the eerie look of flame. Her dress clung to her still slighlty sweaty frame in all the right places. If not for the massive falcata in her hands, most would mistake the High Inquisitor, she who dealt with the unwanted and the bringers of chaos, as just another woman. But her companions and fellow ‘Founders’ all knew better. They all knew what all it would take is a nod, and someone would dissapear, should they be found guilty of treason, or a threat to the lands. Some in the city though still whisper that it would take a god, or a demon, to tame the fire haired half-orc who silently delt with any, and all threats.

Unbenownst to all, including her companions, these whispers and rumours hurt more then any wound caused by a blade, claw, or spell.

The Journey so far...

Seldon glowers as Beren finishes his explanation, as he has had a tendency to do in the last few months.

“I told you in private, Beren, before this all happened, that she was dangerous. Even then she was subverting our power base, but you told me not to worry about it. You said that it would be impossible to prevent this kind of element from entering our city. ‘Better the devil you know’ I believe is the quote.”

Seldon stands as he’s speaking, “It left a bad taste in my mouth even then, but my concerns as always have been our borders, our outskirts. Now she’s sending unholy monsters after you. I say we wipe out her whole organization, to clean our lands of her taint- And if you can’t keep a leash on whoever tries to replace her, you should report them to us, and we can prune the branches again, rather than allowing this blight in our kingdom. After all, isn’t that what a spymaster is for? To protect from this kind of evil intrigue?”

Seldon sits down again after his piece, exasperated. All of his companions have been with him for a very long time, but sometimes he wonders if running this kingdom is worth it. But he shakes off that thought, protecting the brave settlers and farmers who have come out to live in this area is paramount, and his friends are even more important than that.

The Journey so far...

“What the Warden says is true. You should have come to us earlier. Pulling a few weeds is far easier and less work then trying to keep the flames of a purge in check. Caught early enough, its only a few bodies. Now, I dont think any of us wish to try and count how high it might be.”

With that, Tevega slides her sword back into is sheath, and kneeling down, makes up a plate of whatever Baren had made this morning.

The Journey so far...

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