Jhod Kavken

Wandering Priest of Erastil


Keeping watch outside of Oleg’s Trading Post, Tavick noticed a man some distance away from the gates, just a couple of hours from daybreak. Going out to meet the man, he was introduced to Tavick as Jhod. At breakfast the next morning, the party learns that Jhod is traveling because of a vision that he feels was given to him by Erastil. The vision was of an enraged bear living near a ruined temple of Erastil, marking this area is a statue of a humanoid elk…Jhod felt that this bear is in turmoil and must be vanquished.


A wandering priest who’s come this way saying that he hails from Rostland. Though, his accent betrays him, and that is probably not where he is from originally. His reasons for wandering are largely unknown to you as he hasn’t gone to much detail about those reasons. For now, he feels driven by these dreams. The reason he travels mostly at night is so that he doesn’t have to go through the turmoil of feeling the rage of the bear.

Jhod Kavken

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