Bandit Leader at Thorn Ford Camp


This lady is far from plain, but at first glance doesn’t seem extraordinary. Wielding two hatchets, and wearing plain clothing, you begin to realize that there’s more to this lady than meets the eye. She has a commanding presence that seems to inspire the folks that follow her.


The party met Kressle at the Thorn River Camp with the help of some nudging by Happs Bydon. After a vigorous battle, not knowing if they could trust her or not, the party finally came to a point where she was willing to surrender and stop any more loss of life and men under her command. Through conversation with her, they learn that she is working for a greater evil…a man known to her as The Stag Lord. The party also convinces her to cease banditry on behalf of Olegand Svetlana. In return for giving Happsback to her, Kressle agrees to give the party the password to get into the Stag Lord’s Camp since the bandits there change regularly.


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