Edicts of Erastil

Mid-sized Tome


The Seven Edicts of Erastil

Never lie, or be false in anything you do. Speak the truth or do not speak at all.

Be true and loyal to Erastil, your Liege Lord, and your companions. Obey the laws of Erastil by serving Him with your life, protecting that which He holds dear.

Erastil is with thee, in all you do, believe in His abilities and strengths.

You shall respect all weakness and you will make yourself their defender and champion. You shall avoid violence and battle when possible, but you shall make war on the infidel without hesitation.

Do not flee or hide from your enemy; you will be courageous in the face of danger. Stand tall and proud and never know fear.

You shall perform your duties without fail, and you shall remain faithful to your pledge-word. Be everywhere and always the champion of what is right and good and the bane of injustice and evil.

You shall be rich in mind, body, and spirit. You shall be humble in all you do, have pride, but do not grow arrogant or haughty. Do not hold yourself aloft from others, but hold your head high in the light of Erastil by showing integrity in the face of adversity.


Edicts of Erastil

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