Spriggan ze Death: Epilogue to Daeron's Legacy

After a vicious fight with Spriggans over the life of a not, yet month old baby, the party lost a member very dear to each of them. Daeron Glenvalinnor, one of the party’s strongest members, and his trusty steed, Primus died fending off the Spriggan threat and managed to save the life of this this little one. After breaking a deal made with fey, Zarzuket managed to grease the child and almost everyone made it out in one piece. The only other thing taken from this Spriggan hold was a large egg—unsure of what this egg contains, the party travels North, back to Oleg’s with the remains of Daeron—unfortunately, the words of comfort attempted by the blind Druid, Cyrus were nothing to ease the pain as the party leaves him in the woods and travels back to the Trading Post.

Travel back to the trading post was uneventful and bittersweet when they arrived with the child. They told his parents the price that was paid in blood for the life of their little one. Hearing this, the parents decided to name their child Daeron, after the elf that was slain defending it. The father, a young merchant promised that he would tell Bards the story of Daeron’s fall, and that it would be heard far and wide throughout these lands. This being little comfort to Seldon, he managed a half-hearted smile, and Beren and Tevega sent the travelers on their way.

Discussion was had over where to bury the body, and Tavik and Seldon had trouble deciding whether to bury Daeron in the Stolen Lands where he died or to travel back to the farm Seldon and he lived prior to the charter. After much deliberation, they decided that the best place was probably here, in the Stolen Lands. A grave marker was put up, and Oleg fashioned a coffin from oak, and the harness and saddle that Daeron used for riding. It truly looked like a coffin fit for a cavalier.

Tevega, seeing the dismay of her fellow party members, wrote a letter to the Swordlords of Restov and explained their current situation and their progress thus far. Two weeks later, a reply came, saying that there was someone that wished to join their ranks after hearing of their loss. Someone that was familiar to them—only an acquaintance, really, but was still in training while they were in the military. His name, Montgomery Aberdene Abernathy Orlovsky III.

Daeron's Legacy

Found in the journal of Tavik, the Nameless Monk:

“Today is a dark day for our cadre. Daeron, one of the strongest among us, and my friend, has fallen. But it is a day that will shine on in our memory. The pain, like flooding waters, will subside. Then we will recall the real outcome of that battle with smiles. A child was reunited with his mother.

I know Daeron and he would have asked for no greater thing should his life end in battle. To save an innocent from an evil fate is truly the pinnacle of all heroism. In the end, all we can do is give you a name, my friend. Let the angels know that Daeron the Valourous comes to their gate."

Horse With No Name
Fair Trade

Written by the hand of Seldon the Druid on the day of his brother’s death

Today is the worst day of my life.

I’m riding through the desert of my soul upon a horse with no name. My brother is dead. My twin is dead. We have been through so much together. Our childhood…. our service to our country… We have fought in countless battles, side by side.

Cypress calls it balance. A fair trade. An old soldier dies, a small child lives.

Nonsense. First of all, my brother Daeron was far from the end of his life. He was destined to acheive much, in this new, wild land we find ourselves in. He had great plans for this place…

Those foul beasts that took the child are an abomination. I don’t care that they are fey- they all deserve to be hunted down and destroyed. When that strange monster-beast eviscerated Daeron’s horse, and then moments later shredded my brother’s armor in order to disembowel him, I blacked out.

I don’t remember what happened in the next moments. All I know is that when I regained my senses, my quiver was empty and there was an unnecessary number of missles protruding from the killer’s form.

Fair trade? Bullshit. My brother will have vengeance. More so than what has already transpired.

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