Daeron Glenvallinor

Motivated by a never ending drive to test his limits, be it countless deadly foes that cross his path, the harsh and unforgiving elements, or a battle of wits at a nobles hall, Daeron prepares for the newly chartered quest to explore the southern lands with great anticipation and seriousness. Strengthened by his unbreakable bond with Primus and his brother Seldon, as well as reconnecting with his long and trusted allies, he feels it is only a matter of time before the chaotic and savage lands of the south becomes home to a strong and morally driven society.

Living a long and often difficult life defending the common people, as well as protecting the boarders of Rostland and upholding its laws, Dearon believes he embodies the true spirit of a Cavalier. While his belief is backed by many seemingly selfless deeds, his occasional prideful, vain, and racist attitude, mixed with bouts of womanizing, put a black mark on what otherwise would be a remarkable life. Despite these set backs, those that come into contact with Dearon, know him to be a man of his word and one who would fight to the death to see his principles upheld. Will this new quest provide Daeron with opportunities for positive growth, or inflate is ego even more?

“No exaggeration, I could not love an elven baby more then I love this brush.” -Daeron

Daeron, unfortunately met is end at the hand of several Spriggans and a malign beast known as a “Spirit of the Wild.” These unfortunate events occurred while trying to save the life of a baby. After the Spirit of the Wild fell his horse, Primus, Daeron flew into a frenzy trying to get revenge against the beast that brought down his horse. Survived by his twin, Seldon and his adopted brother, Tavick, the memory of Daeron will live on, and will live through the rescued baby that now bears his name.

Daeron Glenvallinor

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