Formed from the backbone of an old fort—formerly operated by the Stag Lord, our brave adventurers have pour their blood, sweat and tears into this city named for the lake that it borders. Tuskwater is to become a hub for trade and commerce within the Stolen Lands.

Currently, the council as it stands is as such:

Ruler: Montgomery
Councillor: Tavik
General: Akiros
Grand Diplomat: Svetlana
High Priest: Jhod
Magister: Zarzuket
Marshal: Seldon
Royal Assassin: Tevaga
Spymaster: Beren
Treasurer: Oleg
Warden: Kressle

There is to be a triumvirate assigned to be a voice for the people that will report directly to Tavik. The current population for the town sits close to 3000 people.


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